Sunday, 21 September 2014

Next Steps in EYFS...doesn't need to be a cottage industry!

I've used a few different methods to create, record and communicate 'Next Steps' in EYFS, both paper based and electronic (using various APP's on an iPad). They have all been hugely time consuming, requiring an awful lot of work to keep them up to date or to create 'snapshots' every term or so. To be honest, the effort put in did not justify the limited impact on learning.

I decided there must be a better way to do it, and after trialling 'Next Step Trees' for two terms I very much think there is...

I created four 'Next Step Trees' which very simply show what a child can do and what their next steps are. There is one for the Prime Areas, and one each for Number, Reading and Writing. I took the statements from Development Matters/ELG's and re-wrote them using parent friendly language, focussing on those that require teaching input. I've never seen the point in giving a child a purely developmental next step!

You could edit these to create trees for other learning areas, but I think four is enough and that for better or worse, they fit with DfE and Ofsted priorities.

All you need to update them is a few stickers, and the only writing required is the date. They have saved hours and hours of admin time and proved far more effective than I imagined...

Parents/Cares like them, and can view them whenever they drop off or pick up their child.

Children love collecting the stickers and enjoy proudly showing new ones to their parents.

They generate learning discussions with the children.

They form the basis of discussions at parent's evenings.

They can be handed on to Year 1 as an assessment record, or can be kept 'live' for those who have not yet reached the ELG's.

I laminate them back to back and keep them in wall pockets for easy access by the children and their parents.

Here they are for downloading in Word format. You can edit and add in your logo etc as required...I hope you find them useful!

Download Prime Area Tree

Download Number Tree

Download Reading Tree

Download Writing Tree

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