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Number Progression from EYFS to Year 2 (New Curriculum)

Following my post on the new National Curriculum for Maths 2014, I have developed a progression document that ties the number part of the new curriculum in with Development Matters and the Early Learning Goal (ELG). The document is working nicely in my school, with every child from Nursery to Year 2 having their progress measured using it.

An added benefit is that awareness and subject knowledge amongst staff (including TA's) has risen greatly, with the next steps for each child becoming obvious. We are also beginning to build a bank of learning resources cross-referenced using the codes in the document.

The goal is for any adult to be able to sit down with any child (with their progression document), know exactly what they can already do, see their next steps and have resources readily available to support those next steps. Simple really!

The progression is split into 4 strands as follows :-

Recognising & Writing Numbers
Value & Calculation

This may seem overly complicated at first, but it makes 'learning barriers' transparent, e.g. a child who is not progressing in calculation may actually have a counting issue, or mis-understanding a key piece of maths language may underly a general lack of progression.

I have stopped at Year 2 because it represents a key transition point. A child who is a secure in the Year 2 curriculum will have a good understanding of our number system (including place value), and will be able to carry out mental calculations with small numbers. They are then ready to be introduced to written methods...a whole new story!

Please please please don't introduce children to formal written methods until they reach this point. Doing so can leave them with an incomplete or poor mental maths ability that may not get fixed...ever. Have you ever tried teaching column addition to a child who still uses their fingers to add 6 and 2?..they're just not ready yet. How many of us are brave enough to stop though...and go back to the basics for a term first? (or even for a year if necessary). Hopefully the document below can help make it easier to judge when children should progress.

The document is best printed on a single A3 sheet (portrait)...


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