Monday, 19 March 2012

The lost poo.

We all love a bit of toilet humour, but it doesn't often happen for real...

I suspected that one of my 3 year olds needed a nappy change, so had a quick peek down the back of his nappy to confirm the source of the aroma. I took his hand and lead him into the changing area, but was distracted by a phone call before I could get started. My TA kindly took over.

The phone call ended and I moved back towards the changing area. My TA came out and stood in the doorway...

'It's alright...force alarm, must have been wind.'

'Err no, I saw it actually.'

'Saw what?'

'You know, a poo.'

'No...there was nothing there.'

This was the point at which I realised two things...
1. The poo was missing.
2. It couldn't have been far away, because I could smell it.

The look on my TA's face indicated that she had come to the same conclusions.  Our eyes moved downwards to track the source of the aroma, and there it was...the poo...neatly poised on the end of her shoe.


  1. That was so funny to read...similar happened to me but the "said" poo was found under his friends chair!!!.... maybe a love gift!! HAHAHa

  2. soo funny, kids they can always supply a comedy moment.

  3. That's hilarious..! :-)

    Nice to meet you, Mr Shrek - loving the blog. And great to find another UK teacher in the blog world - we are few and far between.


  4. Why you don't like Male Primary Teachers? I know there are many answers come.But when life is in a struggle point then we have nothing to do. But have some hope to live!


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