Thursday, 22 December 2011

New Technology in EYFS...the Computerlator!

A girl in my Nursery class came up to me last week and complained that no-one would let her on a computer...

"Don't worry, you can go on the computer later." I said, and she ran off happily...curious...normally get a response along the lines of "but they've been on it for ages, it's my turn now."

Anyway, she came back a few minutes later and patted my arm whilst I was talking to another child...

Me : "Woof woof"

Girl : "Why are you barking at me?"

Me : "You were patting me, I thought you wanted to play dogs."

Girl : "Mr Shrek, you are a silly dumbass!"

Me : "Did you watch a DVD last night?"

Girl : "Yeah, it was about dumb and dumber people."

Me : "Ok, well we don't use that word dumbass in school please, it's a bit rude. What can I help you with?"

Girl : "I can't find the computerlator, where is it?"

Scratched my head for a few seconds before I recalled why she had come to me in the first place, and the penny dropped! You can imagine her disappointment when all I could produce was an old calculator from my drawer.

I put in a request for some iPads to replace the desktops I have in Nursery a while ago. Seems the obvious way forward as I can't imagine desktops will exist in the same way as they do now when the children get to KS2.

Although the children love using them, PC's are pretty difficult to navigate when you're 3 (I wish there was a child friendly icon based version of google.... an idea for any serious techies / programmers reading this!). I built an html menu to help them access their favourite sites (Cbeebies, Poisson Rouge and scans of some of the texts we've been using etc), but I still feel I'm failing to release their potential. If you're in any doubt, have a look out for young children sitting in their pushchairs happily navigating their parents' mobile phones, or even their own iPod touches etc.

Has anyone successfully implemented iPads into EYFS?

Have you found any way of networking them? I realise there's no point in networking them in the traditional sense, but I'd like to be able to share the pictures or videos they take on the class whiteboard etc?


  1. I have three that I use in my Year 3 class and the kids love them. I also have one at home and my kids used them from 2 and a half upwards. The first time my daughter used a PC she tried manipulating the icons on the screen and was very disappointed that she had to use this strange tethered mouse thing. When I advise schools I always recommend that reception classes get iPads.

    Phil Bagge

  2. Thanks Phil, very reassuring to get an expert view.

    I like to do the Star Trek joke with the mouse, getting them to pick it up and talk into it...amuses me greatly!

  3. An ICT AST at another school set up their Nursery and Reception PCs with webcams. He then made QR codes for all of the children's favourite sites on cards. Whenever chn want to go to a site they show the QR to the webcam and it takes them there. If you want more info, get in touch!

  4. Thanks Adam....ingenious! Didn't realise you could make your own QR codes. Have made some already and will see how the kids get on with them next week!


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