Sunday, 4 December 2011

Meet my class!

Well at least meet their self-made avatars, or 'Teletubbies' as they have become affectionately known as.

The children made these over two weeks as part of our 'Ourselves' topic.

The faces are self-portraits using paint and collage materials on a paper plate.

The hearts contain some writing, drawing and general 'mark making' in the theme of 'My special people/things'.

The rectangles contain their first attempts at writing their own names.

I was able to gather a massive amount of observational evidence from this project, ranging from the use of mark making tools through to having a sense of personal identity.

The project effectively gave me a baseline assessment in CLL (Communication, Language & Literacy).

As we approach the end of the Autumn term the Teletubbies will be taken down and used to form the front cover of the children's 'Special Work' books.
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