Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Keeping up to date can be frustrating ...

Keeping up with the latest education news has become increasingly frustrating!

The national press does a great job of reporting on the issues that interest the wider community but doesn’t give you the detail you need as a working teacher or lecturer, particularly if you manage a subject, year group, department or more.

For that, you need to delve into the websites of the numerous government departments, associations, independent bodies and unions etc.

As a primary school assessment leader I found myself monitoring up to 4 news feeds each from the DfE, STA, Ofsted, Ofqual and the NAHT to try and keep abreast of developments and advice on assessment without levels. I collated all these feeds into an RSS reader, which was the starting point for The Edgazette.

Edgazette | The Eye on Education
Joining the thriving education community on Twitter is a great way of finding out what’s going on, as many professionals are also monitoring news feeds and sharing their views. However due to the nature of Twitter, if you’re not logged in at the right time there’s a good chance you’ll miss something. How many of us have become addicted to social media!?

I decided to build a website to display all the quality sources of education news I could find, and as I had some experience of building websites I though it would take a couple of weeks. It actually took nine months of my spare time to build the site, becoming a labour of love and an obsession. A positive side effect has been the cure of my social media addiction!

I was astonished to discover how many government departments, authorities, organisations and unions etc are involved in UK education from nursery all the way through to higher education. At the time of writing the count has reached 122. I’ve also added feeds from a number of high quality blogs to embellish the picture, commenting and advising on the latest developments in education. I find their interpretations and comments far more detailed, accurate and helpful than the often political leanings found in the national press. There’s also a dose of Twitter in the mix for those who want right up to the minute news (I’ve seen the DfE tweet hourly on a busy announcement day to clarify points and add detail).

The Edgazette displays an excerpt from each article along with a direct link to the source document. This respects the originators copyright and ensures that traffic is not taken away from their website. In fact I very much hope that this site will help to grow their readership.

Whilst developing The Edgazette I came to realise how valuable it is to read news from the original source. It helps me to filter out the third party interests, misinterpretations and the mistakes that all too often confuse the issue. Hence The Edgazette is all about presenting news direct from source, alongside comment and analysis from professional organisations, unions and expert bloggers etc. My partner (also a teacher) has kindly dubbed it ‘The Eye on Education’.

Please take a look ... http://edgazette.co.uk

The Edgazette

Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Numicon counting wheel

Demonstrating the counting wheel in EYFS ...

Click here to view my blogpost explaining the counting wheel in detail.

Click here for a free downloadable guide to counting in EYFS/KS1 (including resources).

The Edgazette
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